Web Hosting

4success provides New Zealand based web hosting services and comes with unlimited space and traffic allowance. Being New Zealand based it is supported by 24/7 phone support service. High speed internet connections ensures quick access for your site visitors.

Our hosting features:

Pricing is from $35 / month with 12.5% discount for 12 months prepaid.
Increased discount for longer prepaid or multiple sites.

If you have specific requirements regarding web hosting, such as additional ftp users or multiple databases, let us know what you need and we will customise a solution.

We can also provide collocation and dedicated hosting services depending upon your needs.

Talk to us now about your hosting needs.

We often get asked what exactly "unmetered" means, and the answer is simple.

We let you use the services you need, however we do actively monitor resource usage and will let you know if your usage is affecting the performance of the server, or is becoming unreasonable to a point where the expense of operating your account exceeds your monthly billing.

In the event we require you to move from a shared hosting account we will discuss the options available to you before proceeding with any action. These options include hosting on our US-based server, virtual servers, and dedicated server hosting.

As a general guide we do not permit high-volume sites, file archives or free email services.

If you're unsure about any of these conditions please contact us to discuss your options.